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  • The Municipality of Megara occupies an area of 330 km2 and constitutes the second largest municipality of Greece. It is located 42 km to the west of Athens, that is in the middle of the distance separating Athens from Corinth.


    The Megarian population currently includes 40,000 inhabitants. In 1832, just after the Greek Revolt, Megara accommodated the seat of Koletis’ government. After the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1922, the districts of Meli to the south and Nea Peramos to the east, an independent community later, were created. The new town, constructed over the old one, is about 2 km from the sea. Besides the town itself, the Municipality of Megara includes the settlements of Alepochori, Kinetta, Lakoi Kalogirou, Vlychada, Agia Triada, and Pachi (port of Megara). The townof Megara boasts a health centre, a county court, a tax office, a forest inspection office, a police department, a traffic police department, nine elementary schools, three junior high schools, two high schools, a technical school, three kindergartens, a public library, an archaeological museum, a local theatre.

    Nea Peramos

    Nea Peramos occupies an area of 5,500,000 m2 and has a coastline of about 10 km in length. The city is located 35 km from Athens. Nea Peramos, where refugees from the Cyzician town of Peramos settled in 1925, was recognised as a community in 1930. According to the latest census (2001), the population of the Municipality of Nea Peramos is 7,689, a number that increases by 100% during the summer months. Nea Peramos was promoted to a municipality in 1994. The locals’ occupations are mainly fishing and shell fishing, while some of them are either employed in the area’s factories, or work as shopkeepers. There are three military camps in the region of Nea Peramos.
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