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Municipality of Eleusis. The Municipality of Eleusis occupies an area of 20 km2 located about 20 km to the west of Athens. The town may be reached through the Athens-Corinth national road, the Athens-Patras railway line and the Attiki Odos motorway. Its population is estimated to include about 40,000 inhabitants.


Immediately after the establishment of the Greek state, Eleusis was a small town of 250 people of Arvanitic origin. In the 1860s, the erection of new domestic complexes and the settlement of occasional traders gave a new look to the city. The 1880s were a crucial period for Eleusis, as it was then that industrial development was initiated and important industries were established. In 1922, 2,000 refugees from Asia Minor arrived at Eleusis, thus doubling its population. In 1943, the Community of Eleusis was recognised as a municipality. After World War II, internal migrants settled at Eleusis. During the 20th century, Eleusis was the centre of Greek industrial development with some of the largest factories of the country; there existed two refineries, two steel mills, two cement plants, two shipyards, an ammunition industry, and more than 2,000 smaller industries. In the 21st century, Eleusis is evolving into a centre of administrative and financial services and constitutes the seat of the Prefecture of Western Attica. Air and water pollution have been significantly reduced, as a result of the citizens’ systematic efforts, while cultural areas and recreation facilities have been established along the coast.


Magoula. Magoula is located in the central section of the Thriasian Plain, about 21 km from Athens. The settlement extends amphitheatrically along the slope of the Prophitis Elias hill and the surrounding area. There is no evidence with regard to when the settlement of Magoula was established. It is probable that the villages of Mazi, Mandra, and Magoula were created as a result of the Kountourians’ movement during the Post-Byzantine period. The first administrative division (1830), placed Magoula among the villages that were included in the Municipality of Eleusis. Magoula became an independent community in April 1912. For several decades, agriculture, farming, gum resin extraction, and beekeeping constituted the main occupations of residents. After 1960, the locals turned to industry. Since 1970, the population of Magoula has been gradually growing as a result of mainly internal migration and increased labour demand in Western Attica. An additional reason was the low cost of land, as Magoula had not experienced significant urban development.
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